Malta Taxi Guide

Useful Guidelines about Malta Cab Services

Malta Taxi: an Overview

Malta taxis are considered one of the most convenient ways to travel around Malta. As a matter of fact, the only licensed-by-Transport-of-Malta taxi company is the Taxi Licensed Association. Verily, 250 white taxis provide their services on the island of Malta. They have a black Taxi sign on their roof and a black registration mark on their front doors. Conversely, the taxis that serve Gozo have a red sign on the vehicle’s roof and a red registration mark on their doors. However, Gozo taxis aren’t allowed to handle rides throughout the island of Malta. That being said, the 50 Gozo cabs can reach Malta only if their destination is the airport or a hospital facility.

Besides the white taxis, Malta cab services are also provided by black taxis. Thus, there are also private cab companies in Malta. Nevertheless, black cabs can’t be hailed from the street but can only be ordered by phone or through the company’s app.

Should you Opt for a Malta Cab Service?

Malta taxis are definitely recommended for your rides during your journey on the Mediterranean island, especially during the summer months when the temperature gets really high. They are regarded as a safe and reliable means of transit while scamming incidents are isolated instances. Still, you’ll have to catch an official white taxi bearing a black Taxi light on its roof and a black registration number on the front doors or order a black taxi. Otherwise, -that is, if you opt for a car ride by some individual and unlicensed driver- you risk getting scammed or overcharged.

Malta taxi drivers shall wear the taxi driver uniform as well as their identification tags.

How to Hire a Taxi in Malta

You can easily hail a taxi from the street or head to one of the official taxi ranks lying in the busiest parts of Malta (transit hubs, major hotels, main attractions, etc.).  Moreover, online reservations are also an option, while you can easily call your cab or use the relevant app. Last but not least, there are taxi booths scattered around the island of Malta, where you pay for your taxi fare, get a ticket, and simply hand it over to your driver at the beginning of the ride. Please keep in mind that black taxis can only be ordered by phone or through their app.

Malta Taxi Fares

The fares and prices system of Malta cab services is rather complicated. However, it gets rather simple if you take into consideration the following rule: hailed-from-the-street or caught-in-the-taxi-rank cabs are metered, whereas if you hire your Malta taxi from a taxi booth location, your ride will come with a fixed fare.

In any case, all fares are regulated by Transport of Malta. Thus, metered taxi rides are charged according to the following price list:

Taxi FarePrice
Flag Rate3.50€/3.70$
First km*2.50€-2.66$/km
1km - 5km1.60€-1.72$/km
5km - 10km1.40€-1.50$/km
10km - 15km1.30€/1.40$/km
15km - 20km1€/1.07$/km
20 km and on0.85€/0.91$/km

*1km=0.6 mile

Moreover, waiting time is charged at 25€/26.80$ per hour (0.42€/0.45$ per minute). Waiting time applies when the driver waits for more than 3 consecutive minutes. A traffic fee also applies to metered Malta taxis. Hence, when the vehicle traverses less than 1km/0.6 mile during a 3-minute time interval, the passenger is charged 4.20€/4.50$ per hour or 0.07€/0.075$ per minute. Additionally, if your Malta taxi ride takes place on December 25th or January 1st, you’ll pay an extra 4.50€/4.80$ fee. Nevertheless, the driver is entitled to offer you a discount and spare you the holiday fee. Finally, taxis that can carry more than 6 passengers (the driver included) are 50% more expensive when they do carry more than 5 customers.

On the other hand, if you catch your Malta cab from a location where a taxi booth lies, you’ll pay a set fare depending on the destination. However, the holiday fee applies in this case as well. Taxi booths are to be found at MLA Airport, at the port, at Saint Julian’s, and in Valletta’s city center.

Malta Taxis to MLA Airport

If you have a flight to catch, you should definitely opt for a taxi ride to the airport. In that way, you’ll arrive at MLA Airport on time for the check-in procedure, relaxed and stress-free. Depending on how you’ll catch your taxi, your ride will be metered or fixed. Although it is highly advisable to opt for a set-fare ride, the prices won’t be considerably different in either case. Hence, if you buy a ticket from a taxi booth, you’ll pay 17€/18.25$ for your Malta airport taxi from Valletta to MLA.

Tips and Hints about Malta Cab Services

  • If you don’t catch your Malta taxi from a taxi booth’s location, your ride will be metered. Thus, you should check that the taximeter is zeroed and operates properly.
  • If you suspect that your driver is using a longer route to raise the final fee of a metered ride, you should use your mobile’s GPS and check it out.
  • Tipping isn’t obligatory. Still, when the Malta cab services are pleasant, locals usually give a 10% tip or (for short journeys) just round up the final fare.
  • Overall, it is strongly recommended to opt for a set-fare taxi ride, as metered taxis are highly dependent on traffic levels.
  • Even if you settle on a ticket from a taxi booth, you can still negotiate a better price.
  • Although card payments are accepted at the taxi booths, or when it comes to online bookings, you should carry cash with you if you opt for a metered ride, as the taxi may not be equipped with a POS.


Are taxis expensive in Malta?

Malta taxis are, without a doubt, one of the most expensive ways to travel around the island. Still, the distances are overall rather short, while set fares -independent of the traffic levels- are provided if you take your cab from a taxi booth’s location.

Are taxis easy to get in Malta?

You can catch your taxi from a taxi stand, order it by phone or through an app, or even hail it from the street. Alternatively, you’ll find taxi booths in Malta’s busiest regions, where you can buy a set-fare taxi ticket and travel to your destination worry-free. Hence, you won’t face difficulty in grabbing a Malta taxi. 

Do you tip taxis in Malta?

Tipping the taxi driver is optional in Malta. However, when the Malta cab services are efficient and pleasant, it is customary for the passengers to leave a 10% tip or just round up the final fare.