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Malta Taxi Fares and Prices, Taxi Ranks, and Popular Routes

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Why Take a Malta Airport Taxi

Malta airport taxis are one of the most preferred transit options when it comes to journeys from Malta Airport. The only authorized-by-Transport-of-Malta cab service is the Taxi Licensed Association. The taxi vehicles are white and bear a black Taxi sign on their roofs indicating their availability, as well as a black mark on their doors displaying their registration number. Overall, 250 white taxis serve the island of Malta, whereas Gozo is served by 50 white taxis with a red sign on their roofs and a red registration mark on their front doors. Gozo taxis are allowed to circulate on the island of Malta only if their destination is the airport or a hospital. Please note that many private cab companies are also present in Malta. Their fleets consist of black cabs and they must be rebooked (they can’t be caught from the taxi rank).

That being said, why should you opt for a taxi ride from Malta International Airport? Here you can check the main reasons behind Malta airport taxis’ popularity:


  • Malta airport taxis are always present at MLA Airport, no matter the day or the time. 
  • They provide rides to the exact location of the passengers’ destination.
  • They guarantee relaxed journeys, as you won’t have to search for the bus stop, catch the right bus line, and find your way from the alight stop to your accommodation.
  • They offer hassle-free and safe services. Verily, you won’t have to carry your luggage around, but you’ll have it safely stored in the vehicle’s trunk.
  • You’ll enjoy a comfortable ride from the airport, sitting cozily in the back seat of your Malta airport taxi. Conversely, buses tend to get crowded.

Malta Airport Taxi Fares and Prices

Taxis in Malta charge differently, depending on the pick-up location. Thus, taxis hailed from the street or caught from a taxi rank are metered, whereas cabs picked up from a taxi booth’s location come with fixed fares. Thus, MLA Airport has a taxi booth lying at the Welcomers’ hall, on its Ground level. Hence, once you retrieve your luggage, you’ll reach the taxi booth and get a pre-paid ticket for your destination. Afterward, you’ll hand over the ticket to your taxi driver, and you won’t be charged for anything extra. That being said, you should keep in mind that you may have to pay an administrative fee or the holiday fee (an extra 4.50€/4.80$ if you travel on December 25th or January 1st). Payments can be made in cash as well, while tipping is optional. Still, it is customary to round up the fare when the provided services are pleasant.

Just to give you a hint, Malta airport taxi rides from MLA Airport to Valletta and Cruises Terminal cost 17€/18.25$.

Malta Airport Taxi Fees to Popular Destinations

As already mentioned, Malta airport taxis provide set fares. Hence, you can check out the taxi fees for some of the most popular destinations in Malta:


Malta AirportValletta17€/18.25$20 min
Malta AirportFloriana17€/18.25$16 min
Malta AirportCruises Terminal17€/18.25$18 min
Malta AirportSliema20€/21.50$20 min
Malta AirportSt Julian’s20€/21.50$22 min
Malta AirportMdina22€/23.55$28 min
Malta AirportGolden Bay30€/32.20$35 min
Malta AirportSt Paul’s Bay28€/29.95$40 min
Malta AirportMellieha33€/35.30$50 min

Where is the Malta Airport Taxi Rank

The taxi rank at Malta International Airport lies just outside the Ground floor of the terminal. Thus, once you collect your personal items from the baggage claim area, you’ll exit the terminal’s doors and spot the white taxis lining up no matter the day or the time. Please keep in mind that MLA Airport has adequate signage. Therefore, you won’t face difficulty in finding your way around the terminal. 

Airport Taxi from Malta Airport to Hotel

Malta airport taxis provide safe and efficient connections from MLA Airport to your accommodation, no matter its exact location. Verily, they are always present, queuing up at the taxi stand just outside the terminal’s doors. Malta Airport houses a taxi booth in the Welcomers’ hall. Thus, airport rides come with pre-determined prices and are utterly independent of the time of the day or the roads’ congestion. Moreover, distances on the island of Malta are short. Therefore, Malta airport taxi journeys are usually priced within a normal range. In any case, several hotels in Malta offer complimentary airport shuttle services. Hence, you should check if your accommodation provides similar services to save money on your transit expenses.

Malta Airport Taxi Tips

  • Even though Malta airport taxis provide set fares depending on the journey’s end, you can still try to negotiate a better fare at the taxi booth.
  • You can also book your Malta airport taxi through the relevant app.
  • Ordinary taxi vehicles can accommodate up to 4 passengers, whereas vans are allowed to carry up to 8 customers.
  • The holiday fee applies to set-fare rides as well. Still, many drivers offer a discount and don’t charge their customers with that extra rate.
  • The drivers of the white Malta airport taxis are obligated to bear their identification tag and shall also wear the approved-by-Transport-of-Malta uniform.


Can you get taxis at Malta Airport?

The Malta airport taxi stand lies right outside the terminal building, on the Ground level. Thus, you can easily catch a taxi from the official taxi rank. Alternatively, you can book your taxi via the phone or through the relevant app.

How much are taxis from Malta Airport?

Malta airport taxis offer set fares. Thus, you’ll have to reach the taxi booth located on the Welcomers’ hall, get a pre-paid ticket, and catch your cab from the taxi rank outside the terminal. Therefore, your fare depends on the final destination. Overall, you should expect a 12€/12.85 fare for destinations close to the airport and an up-to-37€/39.60$ taxi fee for further-distanced locations.

How much does a taxi cost from Malta Airport to Valletta?

Malta airport taxis charge a fixed fare for rides from MLA Airport to Valletta. Thus, if you opt for a taxi journey to your destination in Valletta, your ride will cost you 17€/18.25$, regardless of the traffic levels and the traveling time.