How to Get from Malta Airport to Gozo

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Transit Options from Malta Airport to Gozo

The island of Gozo lies within a really close distance from the island of Malta. Thus, if your destination is the not-so-famous still majestic -even as a stand-alone destination- Gozo, you’ll have to settle on your transit from Malta International Airport. Fortunately, your options are various. Airport taxis and private airport transfers are undoubtedly the most comfortable alternatives, whereas car rentals are definitely recommended as they are the ideal way to explore the entire island of Gozo. On the other hand, passengers who are looking for a cheap way to travel from Malta Airport to Gozo can catch the public bus heading to Cirkewwa. Either way, a ferry journey will be required to reach your journey’s end.


OptionsPrice (€)Price ($)Duration
Bus6.657.11100 min

Malta Airport to Gozo by Taxi

One of the most popular and certainly convenient ways to get from Malta Airport to Gozo is via a Malta airport taxi. You’ll find available vehicles at the MLA taxi stand outside the Arrivals area. Even though black cabs also provide transit services in Malta – they are members of private taxi companies and can only be reserved online or via their app- the licensed-by-Transport-of-Malta taxis are white and have a written-with-black-letters Taxi sign on their roofs and a black registration mark on their front doors. Thus, only white taxis are lining up at the airport’s taxi rank. 

Although Malta taxis are metered, they offer set prices when caught from a taxi booth’s location. This is the case in MLA Airport, as a taxi booth is to be found at the Welcomers’ hall. Thus, you’ll have to reach the taxi booth and buy a ticket for the journey from Malta Airport to Gozo (actually to the ferry terminal at Cirkewwa). The ticket costs 37€/39.60$. Payments can be made in cash or via a bank card. Please keep in mind that administration fees may also apply to the fixed fare. You’ll hand over this ticket to your driver and begin your ride toward Gozo. As far as tipping the driver is concerned, you are free to leave a 5%-10% tip if your ride is pleasant. Still, it’s up to you as tipping isn’t obligatory. Your taxi journey to Cirkewwa will last around 50 minutes (70 minutes during peak hours), while your ferry journey from Cirkewwa to the Gozo ferry terminal will take around 25 minutes. Therefore, the total duration of the ride will be about 80 minutes (during non-peak hours and waiting time non including), and its cost will be 41.65€/44.55$ (including the ferry ticket).

Malta Airport to Gozo by Bus

The most affordable (and the only public transit option) for the ride from Malta Airport to Gozo is the bus. Thus, once you retrieve your luggage, you’ll exit the terminal’s doors and spot the bus stop right across the road. After reaching the bus stop, you’ll have to catch Bus X1 traveling to Cirkewwa. The bus runs from 05:20 am to 10:50 pm every 40-60 minutes. Although it is an express line, it still makes intermediate stops. Thus, it takes around 75 minutes to get to Cirkewwa.

You can either buy your ticket onboard or purchase a Tallinja Card. Tallinja Cards are available at the Malta Public Transport Information and Sales Office (it lies at Welcomers’ hall and is open from 08:00 am to 07:30 pm), and the automatic ticket machines, which are located outside the Sales Office and close to the bus stop. Finally, you can purchase a Tallinja Card at WHSmith Outlet. It lies at Welcomers’ hall and operates from 10:00 am to 07:00 pm. 

If you buy your ticket onboard, you’ll pay 2€/2.14$ in cash or via a bank card. However, if you opt for a cash payment, you should carry small bills as the driver may not have enough change. 

As far as Tallinja Cards are concerned, you have three options:

  • Explore Card: It costs 21€/22.50$ for adults, whereas children younger than 10 pay 15€/16.10$. Explore Cards allow free bus rides with all bus lines (except for Tallinja Direct Routes) for 7 days.
  • Explore Flex Card: They are rechargeable cards. They offer lower fares with the pay-as-you-go system but can also be charged with various packages, which include free bus rides, free journeys with the Hop On Hop Off bus, etc. They are valid for all bus lines (with the exemption of Tallinja Direct Buses) and Valletta Ferry Services and are priced at 6€/6.40$. Still, you can use this amount of money for onward bus trips.
  • 12 Single Day Journey Card: The only card valid for all buses (including Tallinja Direct Routes) costs 15€/16.10$ and allows 12 journeys during the day or 6 night bus rides.

Therefore, your ride from Malta Airport to Gozo will cost 6.65€/7.11$ (including the ticket for the Gozo Channel ferry) and last around 100 minutes.

Gozo Channel Ferry to Gozo

No matter the way you’ll reach Cirkewwa, you’ll have to take the Gozo Channel ferry to Gozo. Ferries are comfortable and clean, offer free Wi-Fi, and run almost around the clock with available routes every 30 minutes during peak hours and 45 minutes otherwise. The ferry journey from Malta to Gozo lasts around 25 minutes and costs 4.65€/4.97$ for adults and 1.15€/1.23$ for children aged 3-12. However, during the night shift (rides after 08:00 pm), the ticket fare is cheaper. Thus, a one-way ticket is priced at 4.05€/4.33$. As soon as you reach the Gozo terminal, you’ll have to catch a cab or hop on a Gozo bus to your final destination.

Our Tip: You don’t have to pre-book your ticket for the Gozo Channel Ferry to Gozo. That being said, during the summer months, booking your ferry ticket in advance is usually recommended.

Car Rental from Malta Airport to Gozo

Malta airport car rentals are highly recommended for journeys from Malta Airport to Gozo. Verily, not only do they offer independent rides and allow you to travel at your own pace, but they guarantee a hassle-free ride from Malta Airport to Gozo. Thus, you’ll pick up your rental car at MLA Airport, drive to Cirkewwa, catch the ferry to Gozo, and travel from the ferry terminal to your accommodation stress-free. Malta International Airport houses a wide number of car hire providers. Therefore, booking a Malta airport car rental isn’t regarded as challenging. In any case, if you opt for an early reservation, you’ll find more available car models at lower prices.

The journey with your Malta car rental to Cirkewwa will last around 50 minutes. Nevertheless, when roads are congested, rides are more time-consuming. Thus, during peak hours, your journey may last up to 70 minutes. Moreover, the ferry trip to Gozo lasts around 25 minutes. Overall, traveling time from Malta International Airport to the ferry terminal is around 80 minutes. However, the duration of the ride will be longer as you’ll have to add the trip from the ferry terminal to your final destination in Gozo.

The ferry fare of a standard car plus its driver is 15.70€/16.80$ during the day and 12.80€/13.70$ for ferry rides after 08:00 pm.

Private Airport Transfers from Malta Airport to Gozo

A private airport transfer is the ultimate way to travel from Malta Airport to Gozo. Verily, you’ll have your driver waiting for you at the Welcomers’ hall, on tap to help you with your luggage and drive you smoothly to Cirkewwa so as to catch the ferry to Gozo. Various side amenities will be at your disposal as well, should you want to fully customize the experience, while your area-knowledgeable driver will be happy to answer all your questions concerning your trip to Malta and Gozo. Overall, private airport transfers are the fastest and most luxurious way to reach the ferry terminal after landing at MLA Airport.


How do I get from Malta Airport to Gozo?

You can catch an airport taxi, reserve a private airport transfer, or book a rental car at MLA Airport to travel to Cirkewwa. Alternatively, Bus X1 also heads to Cirkewwa, where the ferry terminal is located. In any case, a ferry ride will also be required to travel from Malta Airport to Gozo.

How much is the ferry from Malta to Gozo?

Gozo Channel ferries link Malta to Gozo, traveling almost around the clock from Cirkewwa to Gozo on a 30-minute frequency. The cost of a ferry ticket is 4.65€/4.97$ for adult passengers and 1.15€/1.23$ for children between 3 and 12 years of age.