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How to Park your Car at MLA Airport Fast and Hassle-Free

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The Malta Airport Parking Options

The small but busy Malta Airport offers various parking options to meet the passengers’ needs. Verily, it houses two covered parking lots and four open-air car parks, all lying fairly close to the terminal. Thus, no matter the type of vehicle or the parking duration (long stay or short-term), you’ll find a parking spot for your vehicle at MLA Airport. Still, during the hot summer months, when the MLA passenger flow rises vertically, you may face difficulty finding a parking space, especially in the covered car parks.

The Four Uncovered Car Parks of MLA Airport

There are four open-air parking lots surrounding the MLA terminal. The three of them are used all year long, whereas the third is primarily recommended for longer stays and is mainly used during the peak season (actually the summer) when the other three are almost always full. Hence, it is usually empty during the winter months.

All parking facilities are open 24/7 and monitored.

The Main Park is the largest of the four and is situated in front of the terminal’s doors, within a really close distance from the Departures level. It has available spots for persons with disabilities, as well as a designated area for motorbikes. You’ll find a booth right before the exit where you can ask all your questions. Moreover, there are ticket machines lying right in the middle of the parking lot, adjacent to the central fountain.

On the other hand, Car Park P1 is a smaller facility. It lies right next to the Main Car Park, on the opposite side of the terminal. Thus, it is within a somewhat further distance from the MLA terminal. It has designated areas for travelers with mobility issues and motorbikes as well.

Car Park P2 lies next to the terminal but around 200m/0.1 mile from its doors. That’s the reason why it is ideal for longer stays. It features 164 parking spaces (you’ll also find spots for people with reduced mobility among them), and automatic ticket vendors are to be found close to adjacent McDonald’s.

Finally, Car Park P3 is the furthest from the terminal parking lot, lying right between Car Park P1 and Skyparks Business Center. Still, it is located just a 3-minute walk from the terminal. It is basically used during the high tourist season and mainly serves the MLA passengers’ long-term parking needs. Moreover, it is the smallest parking lot, as it has just 75 parking spaces. You can pay for your parking tickets at the automatic machines in McDonald’s and the Skyparks Business Center.

You’ll also find ticket machines on the Ground floor of the Malta airport terminal.

The Covered Malta Airport Parking Lots

Apart from the open-air parking facilities, Malta International Airport has two covered car parks as well, which are highly preferred by passengers, especially during the summer, when the temperature is really high. Thus, if you are looking for a roofed parking option, you can choose between the SkyParks Business Center, lying on one side of the terminal, and the Park East Multi-Storey Car Park, situated on the opposite one.

Both parking lots are camera-surveilled and operate around the clock.

Park East Multi-Storey Car Park is the newest parking addition to the entire MLA parking complex. It is a multi-story car park that is located right next to the terminal building and is linked to the terminal via a tunnel. It opened its doors in 2018 and has a total capacity of 1300 parking spaces. Expectantly, there are designated areas for disabled travelers close to the exits and the lifts, as well as spots for motorcycles. Moreover, Park East is equipped with toilets and houses car rental offices and police services. On the other hand, it is the most expensive parking option at Malta Airport. In any case, you can pay for your parking using the automatic vendors that are to be found on the Ground Level and Level -1, and on the tunnel that leads to the terminal building.

The Car Park of Skyparks Business Center is an underground one. It lies within a 3-minute walking distance from the terminal. In fact, its entrance is right next to the Car Park P3. If you want to reach the terminal from the Skyparks Underground Parking Lot, you’ll have to use the pedestrian bridge, head to the Main Car Park, traverse it, and cross the road to the terminal’s doors. It is equipped with 160 parking spots spread over two floors. As far as the automatic vendors are concerned, you’ll find available machines at Level -1 and the reception on Level 1.

The Prices and Fares of Malta Airport Parking Lots

No matter the chosen parking facility, the first 10 minutes are out of charge. Moreover, each day is charged at 15€/15.90$. However, hourly rates vary. What’s more, online booking isn’t an option. In any case, the parking rates at MLA Airport are formed as follows:


Parking Duration Uncovered Car ParksSkyparks Business Center Park East Car Park
0-10 minFreeFreeFree
10-60 min2€/2.10$2€/2.10$3.50€/3.70$
1-2 hours3€/3.20$3€/3.20$4€/4.25$
2-3 hours3.50€/3.70$3.50€/3.70$5€/5.30$
3-5 hours7€/7.44$7€/7.44$10€/10.60$
5-12 hours10€/10.60$10€/10.60$15€/15.90$
12-24 hours15€/15.90$15€/15.90$15€/15.90$
Each additional day15€/15.90$15€/15.90$15€/15.90$

Pick-ups and Drop-offs at Malta Airport

If you want to pick up or drop off your loved ones at Malta International Airport, you’ll have to stop right in front of the terminal and on the opposite side of the road (after the bus stop). However, please note that you are allowed to park for only a few minutes and your vehicle must be attended at all times. Otherwise, you’ll be fined. Alternatively, you can park your car in any of the Malta airport parking lots, as the first 10 minutes are out of charge.


How do you pay for parking at the airport?

You can pay your parking fare at the automatic machines lying outside the Arrivals hall, in the basement tunnel, inside the Main Car Park, near McDonald’s, and on each of the two covered Malta airport parking lots. Payments can be made in cash or via a Visa or Mastercard card.

What to do if the airport parking is full?

Unfortunately, you can’t reserve your parking spot at Malta Airport in advance. Verily, online booking isn’t an option. Hence, if all the MLA parking lots are full, you’ll have to use one of the car parks lying in the nearby area. Fortunately, they offer shuttle rides from and to the airport.