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Everything There is to Know about Rental Cars at Malta Airport

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Malta Airport Car Rental

Rental cars at Malta Airport seem to be one of the top transit options. Verily, Malta airport car rentals are widely preferred not only by DIY types of passengers but also by travelers who want to discover all the island’s hidden gems and reach regions almost unreachable otherwise. Fortunately, MLA Airport houses a vast number of car hire companies while many providers are to be found off-site as well, providing shuttle services from and to the airport. As a result, the available options are numerous, and the prices are considered overall reasonable.

So, why should you rent a car at Malta Airport? Here are the main perks of an airport car rental experience:

Independent Rides

From the scenic Valletta to beautiful Gozo – linked to the island of Malta via car ferries- and the majestic Blue Lagoon of Comino, a Malta airport car rental will give you the freedom to explore your destinations in depth and at your own rhythm and pace. You can plan your everyday schedule exactly as you like or make last-minute plans. No matter the day or the time, your rental car will be parked outside your accommodation, and all you’ll have to do is catch it and drive to your journey’s end. Do you want to make intermediate stops? No problem. It’s totally up to you. Do you want to visit a remote area? You can do so whenever you feel like it. Have you changed your mind and want to check another Malta region? You can simply enter your car and make your way there!

Customized Experience

During your search for the ideal rental car at Malta Airport, you’ll come across many vehicle types and various side amenities. Luxury models, compact cars, mini and sedans, vans, and SUVs come with many add-ons (GPS, luggage racks, child seats, etc.). Hence, you can tailor your car hire experience to your exact needs. Are you traveling alone or with your family? Do you value comfort or prefer a low-cost choice? No matter the car class, one thing is always recommended: if you are going to visit Malta during the hot summer months, the rental vehicle should definitely be air-conditioned!

A Time-Saving Solution

Malta’s public transit system is limited to buses. Verily, there isn’t a rail network on the island of Malta. Although buses are safe and regarded as overall efficient, they are, without a doubt, time-consuming, as they make a lot of intermediate stops, and can get crowded. On the other hand, if you opt for a rental car at Malta Airport, you’ll drive straight to your destination, saving time and hassle from each of your rides.

An Overall Affordable Option

If you value convenience during your journeys and don’t want to move around using the bus, you’ll have to choose between a Malta airport car rental or a taxi ride. Even though Malta taxis offer adequate services, they will end up far more expensive than a rental car if used for all the rides during your stay in Malta. Thus, it goes without saying that rental cars at Malta Airport are a value-for-money option.

Malta Airport Car Rental Companies

As already mentioned, several car rental companies are present at Malta International Airport. Domestic car agencies and international providers offer high-quality services and have large fleets of car rentals at Malta Airport. The car hire desks are to be found at the Welcomers’ hall right after the baggage claim area, on the terminal’s Ground level, while the pick-up/drop-off location lies close to the terminal. Thus, if you have booked your rental car, you’ll have to reach East Park, located a 3-minute walk from the MLA terminal. As a matter of fact, East Park is linked to the terminal via a pedestrian tunnel. Once you get there, you can get the keys for your vehicle from the desks that are situated on Level 1. Deposit boxes are also to be found next to the desks for after-hours drop-offs.

Most car rental desks are open from 09:00 am to 08:00 pm. Still, once you make your reservation, you should check the operating hours of the chosen Malta airport car rental company.

Explicitly, the car rental companies that have desks in Malta Airport are:

  • ACARent Malta
  • addCar
  • Alamo
  • Amaze Car Rental
  • Aquarius Rent a Car
  • autoUnion
  • Avis
  • Budget
  • CB Car Rentals
  • drifter
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • Europcar
  • ExerCars Malta
  • first CAR RENTAL
  • green MOTION
  • Hertz – Thrifty
  • Malta first CAR HIRE
  • National
  • ok mobility
  • Sixt
  • SurPrice car rentals

Tips to Enjoy a Top Malta Airport Car Rental Experience

  • It is always recommended to pre-book your car rental at Malta Airport. In that way, you won’t have to wait in line at the desks lying in the Welcomers’ hall, and you’ll find more available car models as well as lower prices.
  • Previous customers’ reviews are always handy during the search-and-compare process.
  • If you opt for a rental car at Malta Airport, you’ll have to hand over a valid at least one-year driver’s license, an ID or passport, and a credit card in the main driver’s name. A few car hire companies accept debit cards as well. If your license isn’t written in English, you’ll have to issue an International Driving Permit. You should always check if the car rental provider requires such a permit or not.
  • The minimum age limit to rent a car at Malta Airport is 21 years. However, young drivers (21-24) may have to pay a “young driver fee” and may not have access to all car classes.
  • A minimum insurance package is always included in the Malta airport car rental’s price. Still, excess insurance is advisable to be fully covered in case of accident or damage.
  • It is recommended to take some pics of the rental vehicle before picking it up to capture any existing damage.
  • You should refill the car before dropping it off. Verily, Malta airport car rental companies often overcharge fuel.
  • You should expect a per-day fare. Thus, you should return the car within the 24-hour time frame to avoid getting charged for an extra day. 
  • Most MLA passengers opt for a mini rental car at Malta Airport.
  • The price per day of a mini Malta airport rental car is around 16€-25€/17.10$-26.80$.
  • After-hours drop-offs usually come with an extra fee.
  • Maltese drivers drive on the left side of the road.
  • The road signs are written in English as well.
  • The speed limit within urban areas (unless indicated otherwise) is 50km/h (31mph), whereas motorists can drive at a maximum speed of 80km/h (50mph) on high-speed dual roads.
  • The blood alcohol limit in Malta is 0.5 g/l.


Can I rent a car at Malta Airport?

A wide number of car rental companies are present at Malta International Airport. Thus, you can book your rental car in advance and pick it up from East Park or head to the car rental desks lying in the Welcomers’ hall. Alternatively, many car hire agencies have off-site desks and provide airport shuttle services.

Is it cheaper to rent a car from an airport or a local location?

In general terms, renting a car at Malta Airport is somewhat pricier than picking it up from an off-airport site. Still, if you take into account the cost of the ride from the airport to the car hire company’s location and the entailed hassle, you’ll most probably settle on a Malta airport car rental.