How to Get from Malta Airport to St. Paul's Bay

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Transit Options from Malta Airport to St. Paul’s Bay

Is your destination the scenic and quiet village of St. Paul’s Bay? Located in the north part of the island of Malta, St. Paul’s Bay -the village where Saint Paul allegedly shipwrecked- lies 20km/12.4 miles from MLA Airport. Thus, if you want to reach the popular island’s region after landing at the airport, you’ll have to choose among the comfortable airport taxis, the handy car rentals, and the luxurious private airport transfers. Alternatively, public buses and shuttles also connect Malta Airport to St. Paul’s Bay.


OptionsPrice (€)Price ($)Duration
Taxi2829.9540 min
Bus22.1450 min
Shuttle1010.7056 min

Malta Airport to St. Paul’s Bay by Taxi

Malta airport taxis are, without a doubt, the number one choice for your transit from Malta Airport to St. Paul’s Bay. They offer safe and quality services around the clock, lining up at the taxi rank, which is to be found right outside the Ground level of the MLA terminal. Please note that the taxi vehicles that form the fleets of the official (licensed by Transport of Malta) Taxi Licensed Association are white and bear a black Taxi light on their roofs and a black registration mark on their front doors. However, besides the white taxis, black cabs also provide transit services in Malta. They are the vehicles of private taxi companies that can be booked only online or via their app, hence not from the street or the taxi stand.

Several taxi booths are located around Malta. You’ll find one at the Welcomers’ hall of Malta International Airport as well. Although Malta taxis are metered, they offer set prices when caught from a taxi booth’s location. Thus, your ride from Malta Airport to St. Paul’s Bay will come with a fixed fare of 28€/29.95$. Nevertheless, admin fees may be added to this price. In any case, once you retrieve your luggage, you’ll head to the taxi booth and buy a ticket for your taxi journey. You can pay in cash or via a bank card. Moreover, tipping the driver isn’t obligatory. Still, locals usually round up the final fare or leave a 5%-10% tip for pleasant rides. Your ride to St. Paul’s Bay will last around 40 minutes, depending on the traffic conditions.

Our Tip: A holiday fee also applies to rides on December 25th and January 1st.

Malta Airport to St. Paul’s Bay by Bus

The most affordable option for the ride from Malta Airport to St. Paul’s Bay is the public bus. Cheap and efficient, public buses are the only ground public transit option in Malta. Hence, if you want to travel by bus, you’ll have to exit the Arrivals area on the Ground level of the MLA terminal and head to the bus stop, lying right across the road. Several bus lines call at the airport bus stop, but you’ll have to hop on the Express Bus X1 to reach your destination. Traveling from Malta Airport to Cirkewwa, Bus X1 stops at St. Paul’s Bay after a 45-minute journey (traveling time may be up to 58 minutes if roads are congested). X1 runs from 05:20 am to 10:50 pm on a 40-60-minute frequency.

You can buy your bus ticket onboard or purchase a Tallinja Card. Verily, tickets are available from the driver inside the bus and cost 2€/2.14$. You can pay in cash or use your bank cards. However, cash tickets allow free onward bus rides within the next 2 hours from the first validation.

If you opt for a cash payment, you should try to pay with the exact amount of money or at least carry small bills.

On the other hand, Tallinja Cards are totally recommended if you are planning to use the bus during your stay in Malta. They are available at the Malta Public Transport Information and Sales Office (lying at the Welcomers’ hall and operating from 08:00 am to 07:30 pm), from the automatic vendors, which are to be found at the bus stop and outside the Sales Office, and at WHSmith Outlet. WHSmith Outlet is also located at the Welcomers’ hall and is open from 10:00 am to 07:00 pm.

Depending on your needs, you can settle on one of the following Tallinja Card types:

  • Explore Card: with an Explore Card, you can travel via the public buses for 7 days out of charge. It is priced at 21€/22.50$ for adults and 15€/16.10$ for children (up to 10 years). Nevertheless, it can’t be used at Tallinja Direct Buses.
  • Explore Flex Card: a rechargeable card that allows you to travel and pay as you go (benefiting from lower fares at the same time). Alternatively, you can load it with various packages, allowing free bus journeys, free rides with the Hop On Hop Off bus, etc. It can be used for Valletta Ferry Services as well, but not for journeys with Tallinja Direct Routes. Its price is 6€/6.40$. However, you can use this amount of money for onward transits.
  • 12 Single Day Journey Card: valid for all bus rides (including Tallinja Direct Buses), the 12 Journey Card costs 15€/16.10$ and equals 12 journeys during the day or 6 night bus rides.

Malta Airport to St. Paul’s Bay by Shuttle

A value-for-money alternative for the ride from Malta Airport to St. Paul’s Bay is the airport shuttle. The services are provided by Malta Transfer, the official airport’s shuttle company and the coaches are comfortable, accessible, and equipped with designated luggage storage space. Still, a baggage limit applies. Thus, each passenger can carry one carry-on and one piece of luggage. The bus stop at Malta International Airport lies at the Coach Car Park, which is situated right next to the MLA terminal. The shuttle transit from Malta Airport to St. Paul’s Bay costs 10€/10.70$ and lasts around 56 minutes. Tickets can be purchased from the Malta Transfer Desks (you’ll spot them at the baggage claim area), online, or through the Malta Transfer app.

Our Tip: The more tickets you buy, the lower the ticket fares are. Thus, if you are traveling with a company, the shuttle ticket will be cheaper.

Car Rental from Malta Airport to St. Paul’s Bay

Malta airport car rentals are widely preferred by MLA travelers, as they allow them to explore the island at their own pace. Verily, Malta is a relatively small island with few public transit options. Thus, visitors often settle on a rental car so as to be able to visit every site and attraction relaxed and hassle-free. Regarding their cost, airport rental cars are usually affordable as numerous car hire companies operate at MLA Airport, and the competition is harsh. In any case, early reservations are always advisable. Hence, if you book your rental car well in advance, you should expect a lower cost and will have access to several vehicle types and models.

Overall, the ride from Malta Airport to St. Paul’s Bay lasts around 40 minutes. Still, its duration may rise when the traffic levels are high. As soon as you reach your destination and unless your hotel offers parking services, you’ll have to park your Malta car rental. You’ll find private car parks around the area, while street parking is also an option. However, during the peak tourist season, finding a parking spot on the street can be challenging.

Private Airport Transfers from Malta Airport to St. Paul’s Bay

If you want to enjoy the journey from Malta Airport to St. Paul’s Bay to the fullest and benefit from luxurious and top-rated services, you should opt for a private airport transfer. Even though they are slightly costlier than ordinary taxis, private airport transfers are considered the ultimate way to travel to your destination. They offer welcome services at the airport, door-to-door rides, and many side amenities that guarantee an utterly tailored traveling experience. Hence, if money isn’t a problem, a private airport transfer is highly recommended for your airport ride to the picturesque St. Paul’s Bay.


How do I get from Malta Airport to Saint Paul’s Bay?

You’ll find several options for your ride from Malta Airport to St. Paul’s Bay. Apart from the ordinary taxis and the convenient private airport transfers, you can also rent a car at MLA Airport and enjoy a stress-free transit to your destination. On the other hand, a public bus or airport shuttle ride should be your choice if you want to save money on your traveling expenses.

How much is a taxi from Malta Airport to St Pauls?

Malta airport taxis offer a set price for the ride from Malta Airport to St. Paul’s Bay. Thus, the cost of the taxi journey is 28€/29.95$. However, you should bear in mind that extra administration fees may also apply.

How much is the bus from Malta Airport to St Pauls Bay?

The public Express Bus X1 connects Malta Airport to St. Paul’s Bay, traversing the 20km/12.4 mile distance in about 45 minutes. The ticket for Bus X1 costs 2€/2.14$. Alternatively, the airport shuttles also head to St. Paul’s Bay but are somewhat pricier as their ticket is priced at 10€/10.70$.