Flights from and to Malta Airport

Ferret Out the Top Deals on Airfares from Malta Airport

Malta Airport (MLA)Flights

Flights to Malta Airport 

If you want to visit Malta, you’ll most probably opt for air travel to Malta International Airport. Verily, MLA is the only Maltese airport serving all three inhabited islands of the Republic of Malta. However, even though it is the main gateway to the popular destination, flights to MLA Airport aren’t considered pricey. Thus, if you search and compare the options, you’ll find cheap air tickets for your upcoming flight to Malta.


In order to be at the airport on time to pick up your loved ones and avoid any inconvenience or unnecessary delays, you’ll have to receive all the latest news concerning the MLA’s flight schedule. In that way, you’ll always be up-to-date about the Arrivals at Malta Airport, and consequently, you’ll make your way to the airport stress-free.

Flights from Malta Airport

Malta Airport is the only air hub of the Republic of Malta. Thus, it serves just international flights. Nevertheless, air tickets for journeys from Malta Airport aren’t overall expensive. Hence, if you do some research, check the options, and contrast the prices, you’ll almost certainly come up with a not-to-be-missed deal on your airfares from Malta Airport.


Although it isn’t a big aviation hub, Malta Luqa Airport tends to get crowded during the summer months. Thus, you should be at the airport on time for your upcoming flight. Still, what if it is canceled or delayed? You can stay constantly informed about every change on the schedule of Departures from MLA Airport and enjoy a seamless and relaxed check-in procedure.


Malta Airport houses various airlines, both domestic and international air carriers. As a matter of fact, more than 22 airlines are present at Malta International Airport, connecting the airport to many European destinations. Moreover, MLA Airport is the hub of Air Malta and a base airport for Ryanair.