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The Efficient Terminal Building of MLA Airport

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MLA Airport has Only One Terminal Building

Still, it is considered one of the best European airports in its category, having, in fact, received several awards. Hence, it goes without saying that its terminal is modern, clean, and technologically advanced, and provides top-rated services and amenities.

The MLA Terminal’s Layout

The terminal of Malta International Airport is an elegantly designed building colored in earthy tones that glow under the Mediterranean sun. Although it is a modern construction, it also has more classical details, such as the arches that almost “surround” its exterior. 

Inside, the MLA terminal spreads over 3 floors. Even though Arrivals and Departures are separate, they don’t occupy different levels but lie next to each other. Hence, the terminal’s layout can be regarded as slightly complicated. 

In any case, the Ground floor is where the check-in area is to be found. Thus, Departures are located at the Ground level of the MLA terminal. There, you’ll find the check-in desks for all the airlines operating at the airport as well as some retail stores and a few eateries. A 2-minute walk from Departures, you’ll find the Welcomers hall and the baggage claim area. 

The Duty-free area, along with the 18 airport gates, lies on the First Floor. Please note that you may have to walk or catch the airport shuttle to reach your plane from some of the gates. The First floor houses the Arrivals as well, as the passport control zone lies there.

Finally, there is Level -1. Level -1 houses a food court and various retail options. It is actually the waiting zone for travelers with an upcoming flight from MLA Airport. 

Malta Airport houses retail stores and dining options both before and after the security area.

Our Tip: The MLA terminal has a third level as well (Level 3) that houses La Valletta Lounge and the Observation Deck.

What’s More to Know about MLA Terminal

Malta International Airport also has a VIP terminal, which allows an incognito and hassle-free traveling experience. Verily, it lies close to the runway (its lounge is actually on the edge of the runway) and is considered the easiest way to catch your flight.

What’s more, the current MLA terminal began its full operation in 1992. Nowadays, the former Luqa terminal operates as a cargo terminal.

Last but not least, adjacent to MLA terminal (a 5-minute walk from the baggage claim area) lies the SkyParks Business Center, which provides business facilities and houses a hair salon, a beauty salon, a fitness lounge, a child care center, a pharmacy, and a convenience store. Moreover, 4 restaurants are to be found here. SkyParks Business Center is located landside meaning that it can be accessed by everyone, even without having a valid air ticket.


How many terminals does Malta Airport have?

Malta International Airport is a small airport. As a matter of fact, it is a single-terminal aviation hub. Hence, it has only one passenger terminal, which houses both the Arrivals and the Departures. Please note that the airport serves only international flights, as it is the only airport of the Republic of Malta.

What terminal is Ryanair at Malta Airport?

Malta Airport has only one terminal building. Thus, Ryanair -as well as all the airlines that are present at the airport-  flies from and to the one and only terminal building of MLA Airport.

How early do you need to be at Malta Airport?

Malta Airport is a small airport consisting of just one terminal building. That being said, it is also a busy aviation hub. Thus, during peak hours, the security control and the check-in process can be time-consuming. Therefore, it is advisable to arrive at the airport two hours before the time your flight is scheduled to depart.