Malta Airport (MLA)

The One and Only Airport in Malta

Malta International Airport: a Glimpse at One of the Top European Airports

Malta Airport, or MLA Airport (after its IATA Code), is the one and only airport serving the Maltese Archipelagos, one of the smallest archipelagos in the world, consisting of 3 inhabited islands (Malta, Comino, and Gozo), and several other small islets. Thus, Malta International Airport (located on the island of Malta) is the main gateway to the Republic of Malta, while the other two islands are connected to Malta via ferries or helicopters. Verily, both Comino and Gozo have heliports.

MLA Airport is also called Valletta Airport, as Valletta is Malta’s capital. Nevertheless, the airport lies 8km/4.9 miles southwest of Valletta and is actually located at the center of the island, close to the town of Luqa. As a matter of fact, it lies in the location of the former Royal Air Force station (or simply RAF Luqa). The airport has one terminal building, a cargo terminal (the old Luqa terminal), and also houses the Air Wing of the Armed Forces of Malta.

MLA Airport may be a small aviation hub, yet it is a multi-awarded one. Verily, it is listed among the top airports in Europe (in its category), according to the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) awards, and has been nominated as the Best Airport in Europe for two years in a row. Housing many dining and retail options, as well as numerous airlines, Malta Airport welcomes millions of passengers on an annual basis. Although it had been highly affected by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the airport saw a huge recovery in 2022, as its passenger traffic was 5.8 million, almost reaching 2019’s passenger flow.


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Airport Name: Malta International Airport



Location: Luqa, Malta

Time Zone: Central European Time/CET UTC/GMT +1 hour

Airport Map: MLA Airport at Google Maps

Airlines Operating at MLA Airport

Malta Airport hosts various airlines, both international air carriers and domestic providers. Besides the major conventional airlines, several budget air carriers are present at MLA Airport as well. Thus, it serves a wide variety of European destinations, although many routes are seasonal (operated only during the summer season). It comes as no surprise that it is the hub of the flag carrier -Air Malta- and Mel Air. However, it is also a base for Ryanair (actually for Malta Air, the low-cost airline that is the result of the collaboration between Ryanair and the Maltese government).

Malta Airport’s Layout

Malta International Airport has two runways and a single terminal building, where Departures and Arrivals are separate but lie next to each other. The terminal’s construction was completed in 1992 when it replaced the old Luqa terminal. As a matter of fact, the old Luqa terminal nowadays serves as a cargo terminal. Overall, it is regarded as a modern and passenger-friendly airport, offering travelers all the necessary services and amenities.

Parking Facilities

The airport features both short-term and long-term parking facilities. Verily, MLA passengers can choose between the two covered car parks lying close to the terminal’s doors. Thus, the Park East Multi-Storey Car Park is connected to the MLA terminal via a walkway and the Surface Car Parks & SkyParks Business Center is a 3-minute walk from the terminal building. Moreover, four open parking lots are also available. No matter the chosen facility, the first ten minutes are out of charge.

Transit Options

MLA Airport lies close to the town of Luqa, within 8 km/4.9 miles from Valletta. Hence, passengers who want to travel from Malta Airport to Valletta can opt for:

Services and Amenities

Malta Airport is a small aviation hub. Still, it is considered one of the top European airports in its category and guarantees an overall passenger-friendly traveling experience. The following are included in the provided services and amenities:

  • Cafes, restaurants, and bars
  • Several retail stores /  Duty-free area
  • Baggage carts / Luggage cleaning / Luggage storage and lockers 
  • Beauty services
  • Meet & Greet services
  • First aid / Pharmacy
  • ATMs / Currency exchange areas
  • Parenting room / Childcare Center / Play area
  • Lost & Found offices
  • Designated smoking area
  • Observation Deck
  • Lounges / Fitness Lounge
  • Conference area
  • Chapel & Prayer rooms
  • Wi-Fi
  • Charging stations
  • Tourist Information Desk
  • Special services and amenities for passengers with disabilities
  • VIP Terminal

Contact Info

Official Name: Malta International Airport


Address: Malta International Airport plc Luqa LQA 4000


Phone Number: +356 2124 9600

The Island of Malta

Malta is a Mediterranean gem, featuring the Mediterranean temperament but also having a unique character resembling no other. It is actually an assembly of islands, out of which 3 are inhabited. Malta is, without a doubt, the number one destination, and Valletta -the capital- gathers the majority of sites and attractions. Apart from the crystal-clear waters, the idyllic beaches, and its rich history (a wonderful blend of Roman, Arab, British, and other influences), Malta is equally known for its vibrant nightlife and thrilling entertainment options. Moreover, the local cuisine doesn’t leave anyone disappointed. Based on the famous Mediterranean diet, Maltese cuisine exhibits a diversity of its own, which results in delicious local dishes. The famous lampuki pie, the kapunata, the rabbit stew, the pastizzi, the timpana, and the local bread are just a few to mention. However, what is really incomparable and sticks to every visitor’s mind is the Maltese hospitality, which guarantees memorable moments and an overall unforgettable traveling experience.


Does Malta have 2 airports?

No, Malta International Airport is the only Maltese air hub. It is located in the center of the island of Malta, 8km/4.9 miles away from Valletta (the capital of the Republic of Malta).

How far is Malta Airport from the city?

MLA Airport is located southwest of Valletta. Thus, although the capital of Malta is Valletta, the airport actually lies close to the city of Luqa. The distance from Malta Airport to Valletta is 8km/4.9 miles. Hence, a taxi or car ride to the capital lasts around 25 minutes.

What is the closest town to Malta Airport?

Malta International Airport is situated close to the town of Luqa. As a matter of fact, it lies in the area where RAF Luqa (the former Royal Air Force station) used to be located.

Which airport is MLA?

MLA Airport is actually Malta International Airport. Verily MLA stands for Malta Luqa (the area where the airport is located) International Airport.

Is Malta Airport big?

No, Malta International Airport is a small aviation hub featuring only one terminal building and two runways. Still, it is a multi-awarded airport, equipped with far more than the expected services and amenities.

How busy is Malta Airport?

Despite its small size, Malta Airport is a busy aviation hub. Verily, in 2019, it welcomed more than 7.3 million passengers, whereas in 2022, its passenger flow was 5.8 million, almost recovering from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How long does it take to check in at Malta Airport?

If you want to enjoy a stress-free check-in experience at MLA Airport, you should be at the airport at least 2 hours before your upcoming flight. Verily, even though Malta Airport consists of just one terminal building, the check-in process and the security control can be time-consuming, especially during the peak tourist season.

How do I get from Malta Airport to town?

The comfortable airport taxis and the lavish private airport transfers provide quality transit services from and to the airport. Alternatively, travelers who are planning on exploring regions outside the capital’s limits rent a car to get from Malta Airport to Valletta most of the time. On the contrary, MLA passengers who want to save money on their travel expenses have no choice but to take the bus.