Car Rental in Malta

Uncover All the Car Rental Trends in Malta

Malta Car Rental

Visitors usually rent a car in Malta to be able to travel around the island in comfort and style. Verily, Malta’s only public transit option is the bus. Bus services are indeed efficient. Still, bus rides entail a lot of hassle and can be time-consuming. On the other hand, taxi journeys require adequate planning: find an available cab at your location, travel to your destination, and catch another one when you want to return. Thus, it is evident that Malta car rentals are the most convenient and hassle-free way to travel around Malta.

Is it Worth Renting a Car in Malta?

Malta car rentals are, without a doubt, recommended for journeys around the island. Verily, visitors who settle on renting a car can easily traverse the short distances of the small island and discover all its sites and attractions, or even catch the car ferry and head to the nearby island of Gozo. On the other hand, a wide number of cars circulate in Malta, making parking a difficult task and creating traffic jams during peak hours. Still, as buses and taxis are the only alternatives, car rental in Malta is regarded as a value-for-money transit option, even when taking into consideration its downsides.

How to Rent a Car in Malta?

The difficult part of the car hire procedure is to settle on the provider and the vehicle model. Thus, you should do extensive research and compare your findings to come up with the top deal for you. Once you make up your mind, the rest is easy. You have to visit the Malta car rental company’s website and fill out the booking form with all the necessary info, following the given instructions. When the reservation process is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Please make sure to read it carefully and check if all the rental details are indeed correct.

Is it Easy to Rent a Car in Malta?

You won’t face difficulties in renting a car in Malta. Still, there are a few tips and hints to find the ideal rental car for you at the most affordable price:

  • Early reservations are always recommended to have access to a wider variety of vehicles and ferret out better deals and prices.
  • Can’t you decide on the car rental agency or the car model? Previous customers’ reviews can be proven helpful.
  • You are obligated to pay for any damage caused in the vehicle during the rental time (unless you’ve chosen the full insurance package). Thus, it is advisable to take some pics of the Malta rental car before picking it up to capture any existing damages.
  • The price of a rental car is calculated per day (per 24 hours). Hence, you should drop it off on time to avoid paying for an extra day.
  • The fuel-to-fuel policy is the best way to save money on gas expenses, as Malta car rental companies usually overcharge fuel.
  • Extra products and amenities (additional driver, GPS, child seats, etc.) raise the final rental cost.
  • You can opt for a one-way car rental in Malta and drop off the vehicle in another location than the one you picked it up. Nevertheless, you should expect to pay an extra fee for the provided service.

Is There an Age Limit for Car Hire in Malta?

You have to be at least 21 years old to rent a car in Malta. However, some companies set a higher age limit for some car categories (luxury, etc.). Moreover, drivers between 21 and 24 years of age usually have to pay a young drivers fee.

Do you Need a Credit Card to Rent a Car in Malta?

Most Malta car rental companies require a credit card in the main driver’s name as a guarantee during the rental time. Still, a few car hire agencies in Malta accept debit cards as well. However, for luxurious and expensive car models, companies almost always accept only credit cards.

What Type of Car Should you Rent in Malta?

The recommended car model depends on your exact needs. Are you traveling with family or friends? Do you carry oversized luggage? Do you value luxury during your rides? You’ll definitely find the ideal car type for you in Malta. Still, although Malta’s road network is well-maintained and signage is adequate, roads may be narrow, especially within its historic cities. Hence, most travelers opt for a mini or economy rental car in Malta. Overall, the Hyundai i20 and Peugeot 108 are two of the most popular Malta car rental models.

How Much does it Cost to Hire a Car in Malta?

The price of Malta car rentals varies depending on the chosen vehicle, the time of the year (during the summer months, prices tend to be higher), the rental duration, etc. Overall, the price of an economy car rental in Malta is around 20€-25€/21.40$-26.80$.

Is Malta Left or Right Hand Drive?

Much like the UK, and unlike most European countries, Malta is a left hand drive country. Thus, the wheel and the driver’s seat are located on the right side of the vehicle. Should you come from a right hand drive country, you may need some time to adjust to the different driving conditions.

What is the Speed Limit in Malta?

You should be aware that traffic rules are highly monitored in Malta. Verily, there are several speed cameras, while the imposed fines are stinging. In any case, the speed limit in urban areas is 50km/h (31mph) and 80km/h (50mph) on high-speed dual roads. However, those speed limits apply unless the road signage indicates otherwise.

Do Rental Cars Need Insurance?

A minimum insurance package is usually included in the price of Malta car rentals. However, you should think about getting excess insurance to reduce your liability. In that way, you’ll be covered in the unfortunate case of an accident or damage. Still, you should bear in mind that some credit cards offer car rental insurance coverage as well. Therefore, checking if your credit card includes such benefits is always a good idea.

Is Parking Easy in Malta?

In general terms, parking in Malta can be challenging. Still, you can easily park your vehicle outside the most popular destinations and reach your journey’s end after a 10-minute walk as distances are short. As far as street parking is concerned, there are forbidden areas (marked with yellow lines), zones dedicated to residents’ parking, and paid parking areas. In any case, you should keep in mind that the parking policy in Malta is strict. On the other hand, you’ll also find free public parking lots around Malta.

More Tips About Car Rental in Malta

  • Traffic and parking rules in Malta are strict.
  • During rush hours, traffic jams are common in Valletta and other popular island destinations, as the number of cars that circulate around Malta is high.
  • Due to the vast number of cars in Malta, renting an electric vehicle is always recommended.
  • The road signs are also written in English.
  • There are no tolls in Malta.
  • Children must be sitting in dedicated child seats. The type of child seat depends on the age, the height, and the weight of the child.
  • All passengers are obligated to wear seatbelts.
  • The blood alcohol limit is 0.5 g/l.