Malta Airport Transfers

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Malta Airport (MLA)Airport Transfers

Malta Airport Transfers: the Available Transit Options

You won’t face any difficulties in making your way from Malta Airport to your destination once you land at MLA. The airport is located in the center of the island of Malta and is connected to the capital -Valletta- via airport taxis, private airport transfers, and buses. Moreover, car rentals are a popular choice among passengers who relish autonomous rides during their travels.


Malta airport taxis are widely preferred by MLA passengers for the ride to their final destination. Verily, the white Malta cabs -the taxis belonging to the Taxi Licensed Association- and the black taxis -the vehicles of private taxi companies that can be booked only online or through their app- provide safe and reliable services from and to Malta International Airport. As far as white taxis are concerned, they are always present at MLA Airport and provide set-priced rides from the airport to the passengers’ journey’s end.


Malta doesn’t have a railway network. Thus, public buses are the only public transit option from Malta International Airport as well as in general. Thus, if you are looking for the most affordable Malta airport transfer alternative, you should catch one of the bus lines departing from MLA. Alternatively, the Malta Transfer Coaches -the airport’s official shuttles- provide somewhat pricier but still affordable transit services.

Private Airport Transfers

Private airport transfers are highly recommended to luxury travelers. As a matter of fact, passengers who appreciate comfort and luxury during their travels usually book a private airport transfer for their journey from Malta Airport. Overall, their top-rated welcome services at the airport, their quality and smooth rides, and their numerous side amenities make Malta airport transfers the ultimate way to travel from MLA Airport.

Car Hires

Malta airport car rentals are the ideal way to explore the island of Malta (and Gozo as well), as distances are short and the road network is overall well-maintained. You won’t face any difficulties in booking a rental car at MLA Airport, as a wide number of car hire companies have their desks located in the Welcomer’s hall. On the other hand, car rental agencies operate all over Malta. Thus, if you want to catch your Malta car rental from an off-airport location, all you’ll have to do is decide on the most convenient site for you.

Malta Airport to Valletta

If you want to travel from Malta Airport to Valletta -the capital of the Republic of Malta- you’ll have to choose between the following options: the comfy airport taxis, the handy airport car rentals, the lavish private Malta airport transfers, and the cheap public Bus X4. On the other hand, airport shuttles also link Malta International Airport to Valletta.

Malta Airport to Sliema

Passengers wanting to reach Sliema after landing at MLA Airport usually opt for an airport taxi ride, a luxurious private airport transfer, or rent a car at the airport. However, travelers on a tight budget are always looking for the most affordable alternative for their ride from Malta Airport to Sliema. Therefore, they opt for either an indirect ride or a direct but still time-consuming journey with public buses. Moreover, if they can afford the somewhat more expensive prices, they buy a ticket for the efficient and faster airport shuttles.

Malta Airport to St. Julian’s

Does your hotel lie in the cosmopolitan St. Julian’s? If that is the case, you should make your way from Malta Airport to St. Julian’s, making up your mind concerning the ideal transit option for you. On one hand, airport taxis and private Malta airport transfers are convenient, and car rentals guarantee independent rides, but public buses (both the express line and the Tallinja Direct Route) are the ideal way to save money on travel expenses. Last but not least, airport shuttles also connect the airport to the picturesque destination.

Malta Airport to St. Paul’s Bay

The famous St. Paul’s Bay lies 20km/12.4 miles from Malta International Airport. Thus, if you want to get from Malta Airport to St. Paul’s Bay, your ride will be overall short. Explicitly, airport taxis, MLA rental cars, and private Malta airport transfers connect the airport to St. Paul’s in about 40 minutes, whereas public buses and airport shuttles need around 50-55 minutes to reach the scenic Malta’s town.

Malta Airport to Mellieha

Mellieha, the scenic village on the north side of the island of Malta, is a popular destination, attracting numerous MLA passengers. If you are one of them and want to travel from Malta Airport to Mellieha, you should opt for an airport taxi or a private airport transfer if you want to travel in comfort and style and a rental car if you are planning to explore other sites and regions as well. On the other hand, the public Bus X1 heads to Mellieha, with its ticket costing just 2€/2.14$

Malta Airport to Gozo

If you want to visit the adjacent island of Gozo, you’ll find numerous available transit options for your ride from Malta Airport to Gozo. Verily, airport taxis and private Malta airport transfers are the most relaxed and stress-free alternatives, whereas car rentals are the ideal way to enjoy the ride and explore Gozo at your own rhythm as well. On the other hand, Bus X1 also heads to Cirkewwa (the ferry terminal). In any case, you’ll have to catch the Gozo Channel ferry to reach Gozo.